Amazing Asians in the Arts

Amazing Asians in the Arts: Selina Pope

April 10, 2021

Selina Pope is an Eurasian portrait artist based in London. She has studied under portrait artist Nicole Porter while growing up in Aberdeen and has completed short courses at the Maryland Institute College of Art, the London Art Academy and the Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy. Selina mainly utilizes graphite and oils in her art and is influenced by traditional “old master” techniques, such as the limited palette. A mixed ethnicity background, along with growing up in Scotland, inspires the theme of identity depicted throughout her works. In February, her drawing of TV and radio presenter Norman Busigu was accepted into the 2021 Royal Society of British Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries, one of the oldest art exhibitions in Britain. Following, another prestigious organization, the Royal Scottish Academy, accepted the piece for their online exhibition. These artistic achievements along with a creative spirit continue to ignite passion and purpose for Selina as she balances her full-time law career with being an artist. Read on to learn more about Selina and what makes her an Amazing Asian in the Arts!
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Amazing Asians in the Arts: Sujana Chand

April 03, 2021

Sujana Chand is a professional singer, actress, vocal coach, ESL teacher and food blogger based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She studied Acting, Music and Dance at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and ever since has continued to follow her love for the performing arts. Career highlights include the lead singer for three Cirque du Soleil shows; a cast member for the Broadway National Tour of Bombay Dreams; lead singer in Maui’s Ulalena; and premiering Stephen Schwartz’ “Secret Silk” on The Coral Princess as the Old Woman. Recently she produced her first CD, Sujana Chand – R&B Hits of Yesterday and Today - and has taken up food blogging, a new passion she thoroughly enjoys. She is inspired by successful people who remain humble and kind and admires her mother for her consistent and loving support throughout her life. Read on to learn more about Sujana and what makes her an Amazing Asian in the Arts!
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Amazing Asians in the Arts: Cara Mitsuko

March 27, 2021

Cara Mitsuko is an actress and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating with a degree in theatre performance from San Diego State University, she continued to hone her craft by studying with professional acting coaches such as Walker Clark, Stuart Rogers, Scott Rogers, Ivana Chubbuck, and, most recently, with Paul Schackman at Actor’s Instinct. One of the most memorable moments of her career was taking part in a production of “The Crucible” in Portland: the actors were cast in secret, rehearsed one-on-one with the director, and debuted the show to the audience after never meeting one another. As Cara said, “I had no idea what to expect from my co-stars, and I think what we created was really incredible.” Highlights of other projects Cara has worked on include the lead role in Luis Valdez’s play “Valley of the Heart,” Amazon Studio’s “The Man in The High Castle” and Netflix’s “You.” Read on to learn more about Cara and what makes her an Amazing Asian in the Arts!
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#UniversalAsianVoices: Self Care Panel (Part 1) April 3 @10:00am PT

March 26, 2021

The Universal Asian and The Cre8sian Project invite you to join us in our #UniversalAsianVoices: Self Care - Part 1 panel discussion.

 In this two-part panel discussion in collaboration with The Cre8sian Project, panel members will talk about some of their struggles both personally and as artists, and in dealing with the pandemic. While discussing with participants, they will also share some of their coping mechanisms and self-care techniques.

Sat April 3

10:00-11:00am Pacific Time

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Self Care Series: Kelli Youngman

March 24, 2021

Today’s self care tip is from Kelli Youngman!

 When’s the last time you reminded yourself that you are amazing? Like not just “pretty cool,” but a literal freaking miracle! Your existence is such a gift to the world!

 I like to include a positive affirmation as part of my Morning Routine. When you get up in the morning to use the bathroom, make sure to look yourself directly in the eyes in the mirror and tell yourself something loving to remind yourself that You Matter.

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Amazing Asians in the Arts: Jenelle Catherina

March 20, 2021

Jenelle Catherina is an actor, singer and musician based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She stays very active in the local theater scene, having worked on productions with Super Summer Theater, Las Vegas Little Theatre, Vegas City Opera, and UNLV Opera. Her favorite credits include recognition as a Top 3 Finalist in BroadwayWorld’s Next on Stage; being part of the Swing It! Girls; and her role as Extraordinary Girl in Majestic Repertory Theatre’s production of Green Day’s American Idiot. Jenelle is currently in her last semester at University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she is completing her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and Bachelor of Science in Human Services. Her future plans and dreams include being part of a Broadway production, leading a neo-soul/jazz group, traveling the world while making music and honing her musical instrument playing skills, which include focus on the piano, guitar, violin, and cello. The talented and busy artist also has made time to give back to the community. Jenelle recently was an intern at the Garden Foundation, an educational program for special needs adults. Read on to learn more about Jenelle and what makes her an Amazing Asian in the Arts!
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Self Care Series: Jennifer Betit Yen

March 17, 2021

Today’s self care tip is from Jennifer Betit Yen!

 For me, especially now during this pandemic, I find helping others is my form of self care beccause so many people are feeling isolated, lonely and afraid right now.  When we help others - and it can be done in very small, easy, safe ways - we actually boost our own serotonin levels and lower our blood pressure, making us feel calmer and happier.  So, from fostering a shelter dog to zoom tutoring at risk youth to helping people transition to plant based eating through peta’s virtual mentoring program, we can virtually and safely connect with others and make them feel better and more connected, while making ourselves feel better and more connected at the same time.  

#selfcare #amazingasiansinthearts #youarenotalone

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Amazing Asians in the Arts: Melissa Akiko Slaughter

March 13, 2021

Melissa Akiko Slaughter is a Blogger, YouTube Correspondent and Podcast Host/Producer, based in Brooklyn, NY. She has a theatre degree from the former Santa Fe University of Art and Design in New Mexico, working with Tony-award winning director Jon Jory, but has since transitioned her career to focus on the digital arts. Melissa is passionate about Asian American representation in TV and film and, as a result, provides regular commentary and insights on the topic for her movie review podcast, We’re Not All Ninjas. The popular online show was a Top 5 Finalist at the 2018 WNYC Werk It! Festival, an event focused on empowering women and others in the digital media landscape. Along with hosting, Melissa loves to blog for Nerdophiles, The Nerds of Color and Hapa Mag in addition to working as a producer for Pineapple Street Studios, a podcast studio who’s work includes multi-episode narratives, branded podcasts, talk shows, investigative journalism and more. Read on to learn more about Melissa and what makes her an Amazing Asian in the Arts!
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Self Care Series: Maxine Gutierrez

March 10, 2021

Today’s Self Care Tip is from Maxine Gutierrez!     

Get moving! & Stretch it Out!

Obviously exercise is great for your health and well-being. But even on those chill days, and even those all-day computer days, it's important to take breaks to stretch your body that has been sitting stagnant and building stress. Stretch it out. Take a dance break!

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Determin8sian Scholarship Winner Update: Samantha Gracia

March 08, 2021

Aside from being part of her high school’s  Bella Voce Choir, this spring Determin8sian Scholarship winner Samantha Gracia is taking a Set Design Class under the instruction of Ms. Kris Blake at Seedling Theatre Company.   She enjoys the hands-on training and likes learning about what it takes to create the stage for a live play.  Samantha also just opened a shop on Etsy selling her own digital art drawings and canvas paintings.  She recently entered a local Valentines drawing contest and won 1st Place with one of her digital art pieces.  Even during quarantine, she’s found ways to expand her artistic and creative skills. Keep your eyes open for this rising #AmazingAsianintheArts as she continues to reach for the stars!
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Amazing Asians in the Arts: Naomi Takata Shepherd

March 06, 2021

Naomi Takata Shepherd, an artist and creator based in San Jose, CA, is the founder of 6 Degrees of Hapa, an inclusive online and in-person platform that celebrates mixed cultures through art, apparel, storytelling and community building. Her goal in creating the brand was to celebrate hapas as individuals, along with the family, friends and communities that hold them up and make them who they are. Through pop-up activations at festivals, #ShareYourHapaStory blog posts that feature amazing hapas, stories about their experiences and identity; food and cultural events and more, Shepherd has continued to champion the culture through thought, word and action. On the 6 Degrees of Hapa Threadless Artist Shop, a limited edition “Mixed Communities for Black Lives” t-shirt is available with 100% of proceeds being donated to Black Lives Matter. Along with her successful business, Shepherd is passionate about writing, designing and creating art and films with a focus on intersectional and inclusive narratives. Read on to learn more about Naomi and what makes her an Amazing Asian in the Arts!
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Self Care Series: Sujana Chand

March 03, 2021

Today’s self care tip is from Sujana Chand!

I’ve heard a lot of different definitions of “self-care” so I decided to look it up. The definition I found is: the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness during periods of stress. I’m going to go ahead and expand that too, REGULARLY.

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Announcing our Special Edition Colorado Dragon Boat Film Festival Design!

March 02, 2021

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Amazing Asians in the Arts: Alex Lin Holden

February 27, 2021

Alex Lin is an award-nominated playwright, screenwriter and journalist, based in Saddle River, New Jersey. Her work is powered by a drive to bridge the gap between science and entertainment industries. As a space journalist and executive producer with Supercluster, Lin has worked with former astronauts, NASA executives, Hollywood celebrities and others to bring powerful stories to life. On Real Astronaut/Play Astronaut, a Supercluster content series that brings real life and silver screen astronauts together in conversation, a recent episode Lin produced highlights actor David Oyelowo and former astronaut Alvin Drew discussing the 2020 American sci-fi film, The Midnight Sky. Along with exclusive coverage of the Netflix movie, the episode raised awareness for Drew’s initiative, the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship – a scholarship empowering Black Excellence in the aerospace industry. As a playwright, Lin’s scripts have been workshopped and produced with Women’s Theatre Festival, Miami University, University of Idaho, Actors Theatre of Louisville (PTC) and more. She is a 2020 Pass the Pen nominee at Ashland New Plays Festival, a 2020 ScreenCraft Stay Play Quarterfinalist and a member of the 2020/21 Asian American Arts Alliance Virtual Residency. Read on to learn more about Alex and what makes her an Amazing Asian in the Arts!
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Self Care Series: Cara Mitsuko

February 24, 2021

Today’s self care tip is from Cara Mitsuko!

 I think I can get caught up a lot in all the harmful things I do/think about myself. The past year instead of trying to cease bad habits and thought patterns, I've tried to practice adding one good thing. I'm a firm believer in not being able to replace something with nothing. For example, I struggle a lot with body image, and most days I look in the mirror and feel very down on myself. Instead of telling myself "stop that!" I try to say one good thing. So yes, maybe today I hate my acne scars, but I can also say "wow, my body is really incredible in the way it tells me what it needs. These scars are proof of how it tries to communicate with me.

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