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A Determin8sian is unstoppable. Able to navigate everything life has to throw at her with the greatest of ease, she destroys any obstacles in her way and crosses the finish line without breaking a sweat!


A Motiv8sian owns the who, what, where, when, why and nee how! She always knows exactly what she's doing and why she's doing it, and her fierce desire to get the job done will leave you eating her dust!


A Concentr8sian has a laser-like focus. With the flick of a finger, she can create her own forcefield that deflects all distractions. A fiery meteoroid hurtling towards Earth couldn't break her attention!


An Educ8sian has PhDs for days. She surpasses all search engines and seeks knowledge like a tiger stalking its prey.  If you have a question, look for her in the hallowed halls of education. She is the Queen of All Answers!

P.E.A.C. is a residency program that brings the EWP programming to local schools, especially those without other arts-education funding. EWP performers lead a weekly after-school program for 7th graders designed to give students a basic foundation in theatre techniques as well as foster awareness and appreciation of class members’ cultural heritage.


Positively Arts believes every child deserves the right to create their own song, however, not every child can afford to write it. Using the arts to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, EDUCATE and HEAL, Positively Arts offers a variety of programs like Broadway Dreamers, Arts in Action, and Get Launched to give students instruction, performance, and mentorship opportunities throughout the year. Their Anti-Bullying and Empowerment Programs provide the tools, coping mechanisms and positive creative outlets for self-expression through artistic discovery and performance.