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June 10, 2023 7 min read


Chloe Adona is an actress based in Atlanta. At 6 years old, she entered the world of community theatre and signed with an agent at 8. After some background work in Mark Walberg’s Instant Family, she fell in love with on-camera acting. With her mother Alfie’s assistance and support, Chloe took up private lessons to cross over from theatre to film. She can be found in Stranger Things 4 as Nine and most recently in Universal Pictures’ Renfield as Mandy. Alfie keeps her daughter’s career on track by providing Chloe with autonomy to navigate her work while emphasizing the importance of education and making herself available to Chloe when the workload becomes too stressful. Chloe’s advice to fellow young artists? “Everyone is on their own path… If you don’t get that role you hoped to book, it wasn’t meant for you.” Read on to learn more about Chloe and Alfie and what makes them Amazing Asians in the Arts! 


Name:   Chloe Adona

Heritage:   Filipino

Hometown:   San Francisco, CA

Current City:   Atlanta, GA


Current project:   

Universal Pictures’ Renfield hit theaters in April 2023. Currently, I’m working on developing my vocal, songwriting and artistry as a singer/songwriter.


What are some of your favorite credits/projects?

Playing Nine in Stranger Things 4 and Mandy in Universal Pictures’ Renfield.




Any advice for young people getting into the arts?

Everyone is on their own path. If the person next to you books something before you do, it doesn’t take away from your successes. If you don’t get that role you hoped to book, it wasn’t meant for you. Trust the timing of God’s plan.


How did you get your start?

I started dancing and performing at a local theater around the age of 6. I was around 8 when my dance instructor became an agent. I did an extra role in Mark Walberg’s Instant Family, and loved the experience of being on set. From that point on, I was magnetized by the idea of acting on camera. So I worked hard on my craft and took private acting lessons to help me transition from live theater acting to on-camera acting. And it wouldn’t have been possible without my mom :)


Do you have any favorite moments in your career that you’d like to share?

Yes! In March 2023, I attended the world premiere for Renfield in New York City. This was my first legit premiere and it meant so much to me. A few hours before the event I went to my nail appointment. Long story short, my nails were not done right, and it took a lot longer than expected. Just when I thought I was going to have to show up looking like a mess, a hairdresser came and saved the day!! (I’m being super dramatic by the way) He gave me glue-on nails for the night, and even did my hair for free. I rushed back to my hotel with just enough time to get dressed. In the end, I made it to the event looking better than I had planned. Not all heroes wear capes!!




Who do you admire?

I’ve always admired Tate McRae. I first found out about her in 4th grade, and at the time, she was just writing songs in her bedroom, and uploading it to YouTube. I’m going into 9th grade and about to be in high school now, and the way her music career has skyrocketed into success is so motivating and inspiring to me.


Who is the most interesting person you’ve met in the business so far?

Nicolas Cage was interesting! I think it was because he was in 50 lbs of Dracula costume and really couldn’t move or talk much! LOL. Ben Schwartz (Teddy Lobo in Renfield) was so much fun to work with. His improv skills and comedic timing is on point! I really enjoyed working with Renfield’s director, Chris McKay and the entire stunt team on Renfield was fascinating! 


What do you love most about what you do?

I love the self expression that comes with being a musical artist. I can express emotions through music that are too complex for words. the art i get to create for the cover of the song when it’s completed. And the whole process of coming up with thousands of melodies that perfectly deliver my message.



What do you like to do when you have down time when you’re on set or between shoots?

My craziness levels depend on whether or not there’s other kids on set. Nevertheless, in between takes you might find me doing online schoolwork, playing Minecraft, moonwalking/dancing, or throwing peanuts in the air and trying to catch them in my mouth! Most of the time, the environment on set is super laid back, chill, and goofy, which is another thing I love about my career.


Do you have any hobbies?

Some of my favorite hobbies include rollerblading, painting, long-boarding, writing poetry, and biking!


How have you balanced school with work? And what advice do you have for other kids who want to go into entertainment?

This has been a challenge mainly because I LOVE going to school. I’m an extreme extrovert and need the social interaction. I haven’t had a full school year since 4th grade because of Covid, and filming Stranger Things 4Renfield, a couple of commercials and attending events as a guest. I homeschool now but I’m looking forward to going back to school this fall. If I book something great! We just deal with schedules as the projects come in. As far as advice, just make sure you stay on top of your schoolwork. I got behind at one point while filming Renfield and it wasn’t fun playing catch up!



Name:   Alfie Adona

Heritage:   Filipino

Hometown:   San Francisco, CA

Current City:   Atlanta, GA

Favorite credits:   Mom to Chloe!


How have you learned to balance home, work, and your daughter’s career?

It’s definitely a juggling act. I’ve learned to compartmentalize my time. I’ve been fortunate enough to work from home with a high level of autonomy for the last 10+ years in my career. It helps with being able to manage the last minute nature of this industry which includes auditions, call backs and bookings. I also have a 9-year old daughter and it’s important that I stay balanced as a mom to both girls. My husband, who also works from home, has been extremely supportive. When Chloe and I travel or have to be on set , he makes sure things are consistent with our other daughter. I have to be very intentional with how I spend my time.


When and what made you decide to dedicate yourself to helping your daughter’s career, and how was that transition for you?

Chloe started in dance and theater at a young age and I volunteered my time to her dance company. Being involved with my daughters’ extracurricular activities has always been a priority whether it is as a hobby or a career. Chloe was 9 years old when she decided to pursue a career as an actress. There was a lot I didn’t know coming into this industry. Having to research and learn the industry was the toughest part of the transition for me.


What things do you do to keep your daughter grounded and help alleviate the high stress levels that can come with working in entertainment?

To keep her grounded, we emphasize the need for her to do well in school, prioritize family and make sure she has opportunities to just be a kid. She still has to clean her room, do the dishes, do her laundry and her phone gets taken away. We remind her that the IMDb credits or the likes on her social platforms do not define who she is as a person. We encourage her to help others and see things from the other person’s perspective. To help alleviate the stress levels, we encourage Chloe to let us know if her load is feeling off-balance. It’s usually when she’s doing too much work stuff and doesn’t have enough time to just be a kid. This business can rob a kid of their time to be a kid, so we keep a close pulse on what’s on her plate at any given time.


Did you have any arts training or involvement in entertainment before you became a mom? If so, how did that training help you to guide your children and enter them into the arts world? 

We’re Filipino, so of course I grew up with a family that sings! LOL! I took piano and singing lessons when I was a teenager but never pursued it as Chloe is right now. I did teach her how to breathe from her diaphragm when she was around 3 years old. But that’s about it!


What advice do you have for parents whose kids are thinking of going into entertainment?

Parents should make sure that their kid is passionate about their craft. If the kid isn’t passionate, it will show in their work. Immerse yourself with understanding the business. There was a lot I didn’t know and I learned on my own by doing tons of research, networking, reading books, listening to podcasts, joining Facebook groups and reading blogs. It took a lot of time and determination. In fact, my friend and I started a business that helps aspiring actors and their parents gain industry knowledge so they’re aware of what steps to take to enter the industry, resources available and avoiding the plethora of business scams. They can learn more about the program at


What foundational things have you given your daughter to help her be successful?

Time management, managing competing priorities, staying organized, respect for self and others and making sure she loves what she does and also makes time to be a kid.


When your daughter first started any music/acting/dancing lessons, how much involvement did you have with her lessons or home practice routine? What did you find worked and what didn’t?

I was very involved with helping her prioritize. For her virtual acting classes, I didn’t stay in the room with her. I wanted her to have the freedom to explore herself artistically. To this day I still function as her reader. I always refrained from telling her how to do a certain scene for auditions. She just needs to make up the character in her head and let that play out in her auditions.


To find out more on Chloe Adona, please visit her at:



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