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July 11, 2020 4 min read


Charlotte Mary Wen is a TV and stage actress and singer based in Los Angeles. She has performed in Frozen Live at the Hyperion at Disney California Adventure, the Hollywood Bowl, and currently in the hit musical Hamilton, as well as an acting and audition coach! Keep reading to find out more about what makes Charlotte an Amazing Asian in the Arts!


Name: Charlotte Mary Wen


Heritage: Chinese


Hometown: San Diego, CA


Current City: Los Angeles, CA


Current project: Hamilton 


What are some of your favorite credits/projects:


Anna in Frozen Live at the Hyperion (Disney California Adventure), Ali in Mamma Mia! at the Hollywood Bowl, How The Grinch Stole Christmas at the Old Globe Theatre, playing the Narrator in Joseph at 3D Theatricals, and playing a young Amy Hill on Just Add Magic on Amazon!


Do you have any favorite moments in your career that you'd like to share?


My first guest star was a role on The Young and the Restless. I was so excited and nervous, as it was my first TV gig. I feel like I grew from there. It felt like a great accomplishment and got me excited about a career in TV


Any advice for young people getting into the arts?


You will be faced with a lot of No’s. Don’t get discouraged. Just use every “No” to propel you further and push even harder. If this is truly what you want to do and what feeds your soul, you have to go for it and work hard to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. It’s not always easy, but it’s so worth it!


How did you get your start?


I grew up doing theatre in San Diego, at San Diego Junior Theatre and the Old Globe Theatre. I really found my love for performance there. They helped me foster my passion and give me the discipline that I needed to pursue this career today. I also grew up listening to my mom harmonizing around the house to church music, and that was a big influence for me. I also sang in the San Diego Children’s Choir and my church choir, and that really helped me get a grasp of music. I’m very grateful to all and everyone who helped me develop my craft at an early age. Also a shout out to my mom who raised me with movie musicals and Motown!


Who do you admire?


Lucy Liu, Cynthia Erivo, Mindy Kaling, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rachelle Ann Go, Stephen Schwartz.


Did you have any mentors?


I consider my music director at Hamilton, Lily Ling, as one of my mentors. She has helped me vocally, in my confidence, and has challenged me in the best ways. I’m grateful to have connected with another Asian woman in the HamFam. Also, our resident director, Sherri Eden Barber. She has such a wonderful kindness and compassion for artists that I have been able to be completely open with her, and it has supported my growth in Hamilton.


When did you know you wanted to have a career as a performer?


I wasn’t sure I wanted to really go into performing until my mom suggested I pursue the passion. I wanted to attend USC, however I was leaning towards pursuing Elementary Education for undergrad. They didn’t have that degree/program, but it was my first choice university. So my mom said to me one day, “Why don’t you pursue acting? You love it, so why don’t you go for it?” I was terrified, but it was the best decision I ever made. I’m grateful she nudged me in that direction!


Where did you study at?


USC! Fight on, Trojans!


What are some goals you hope to achieve?


I hope to continue and grow and challenge myself in this career. I want to be open to where it can take me.


What do you love most about what you do?


I love how art connects us all. It’s so great to share an experience with someone based on a mutual love and appreciation. It makes you feel less alone and part of a larger community.


What inspires you?


My family, my boyfriend, my faith, my dear friends. It’s sometimes a very tiring, difficult career path, but I have a lot of support. I’m so grateful for that.


Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?


I do audition/acting the song coaching! It’s so much fun and I love helping people perfect their musical theatre auditions. It brings be a lot of joy and excitement to see students gain more confidence in what they have to offer. When you see it “click” for someone, it’s so awesome!


To find out more about Charlotte, please visit her at:


IG/Twitter: @charmarywen



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