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March 03, 2021 4 min read



Today’s self care tip is from Sujana Chand!


I’ve heard a lot of different definitions of “self-care” so I decided to look it up. The definition I found is: the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness during periods of stress. I’m going to go ahead and expand that too, REGULARLY.

I’m not going to lie, the past year has been tough! When a person is felling down on themselves or on life, it can be heard to remember to continue to do the things that nurture us but this is the most important time to remember to do it. Here are a few things that have helped me to stay connected, positive, grounded, healthy and happy.


  1. Keep your passion alive!


I am a singer and music has always been an outlet, a way of expressing and connecting and a release of sorts. I was fortunate enough to be quarantining with a musician as well so we made it a point to “jam” almost every single day, just for joy and pleasure and to not lose our connection with our passions. The result was our first CD! To my artist friends out there, don’t lose sight of what you love, just because it is no longer your bread and butter. In fact, that is when you should go into it, even deeper.


  1. If you’re moving, you don’t feel stuck


I am not one to love sports or the gym so I do have to consciously fit working out into my schedule. I make it a point to work out 3x a week, first thing in the morning. Sometimes, it’s only for 30 minutes, but it really sets the tone for a positive day! I gravitate towards yoga videos on youtube because I love the focus on the combination of mind, body and spirit. Also, just walks around your neighborhood are great! When I can, I like to enjoy a moderate hike here and there. There is so much value to getting out in nature and breathing the fresh air! We are lucky here in Las Vegas to have so many options all around us.


  1. Personal Growth


My mother got me the book, “Think Like a Monk” for Christmas and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that its changing my life in a way! Jay Shetty (author, former monk, social media mogul and coach) is an inspirational speaker and offered a free 5 day workshop on facebook that I religiously attended. I was so excited and pumped by his teachings that I joined his Jay Shetty Genius Group, a worldwide organization dedicated to community, commitment and consistency through personal growth. I am learning so much through this group and our weekly meetings along with so many practical habits and ways to improve my daily life. It is a spiritual awakening of sorts with tangible ways to see my growth and the way it can positively influence the world around me. This is huge, in a time where many of us feel like we have no control over the circumstances in our lives. It’s very empowering.


  1. Nutritious and Delicious!


What we put into our bodies affects us, not only physically but also mentally! I don’t diet or cut anything out completely, that I enjoy. I don’t see the long term effects of how that can be good. Eventually, you’ll end up binging on all of the things you crave and gain back all of the lost weight. However, I do implement some rules that I can stick by in a daily kind of way! I grocery

shop in such a way that I am buying mostly vegetables, grains, fish, eggs, chicken and some dairy and when I go out to eat, I eat whatever I want! Considering we are not eating out so much these days, this has proven to provide some balance for me! Also, I know and believe that healthy food can be really tasty so I look for those recipes and dishes. What’s good for us doesn’t have to make us miserable! Some small things like not buying red meat or butter at the grocery store every week can help you make healthy choices in a daily kind of way. Ive also become a food blogger (@undsicovered_foodie) which has made me more aware of everything food related and it’s been an absolute blast.


  1. Friends


I know that we are still in a pandemic but maintaining my friendships are so important to me. I think we all need people in our lives. So, I would suggest, do whatever you have to do (zoom calls, 6 feet away meet ups in the park, etc) to see and connect with your people. It’s so good for the spirit and almost always uplifting to realize that you are not alone.

I hope that reading about some of my self care habits can give you some ideas that perhaps you can apply to your own life! Hang in there everyone, and take care of YOU first, so you can be the best version of yourself for everyone around you. Much love.


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