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March 10, 2021 2 min read

Today’s Self Care Tip is from Maxine Gutierrez!     




Get moving! & Stretch it Out!

Obviously exercise is great for your health and well-being. But even on those chill days, and even those all-day computer days, it's important to take breaks to stretch your body that has been sitting stagnant and building stress. Stretch it out. Take a dance break!



Make a mood boosting playlist and get some fresh air!

I love music - all kinds of genres, from pop/rock to indie to film scores to the many textures of world music. If you're like me, music can also be a therapy in itself. So if you're in a funk, make a playlist that goes from some low feels that progresses to what makes you feel good. Some days, it's nostalgia and I'll listen to some throwbacks to great memories. Some days, it's jazz to funk. Some days, you can just change it up and see where the exploration takes you. Having your soundtrack and getting some fresh air - whether a walk, or just stepping outside to a nearby sitting spot - some tunes, air, and real vitamin D can boost your mood.



Wear blue light filter glasses

Since we're all in front of our screens more, whether work, school, tv, phone...tablet! We're all slaves to a screen nowadays. These blue light filter glasses have truly helped me! They've reduced the fatigue I built up daily. I had no idea and just thought, "hey, why not?" They totally worked! I keep them at my desk to remind myself to wear them! 



Some days are more motivating than others. Everyone goes through this and that's okay. It's okay to step away and take a breather. Stretch it out. Refocus. You're allowed to have a bad day, but remember at least one thing good from it. Practice gratitude. And don't forget to give yourself credit! You've made it this far, so keep going. Appreciate what you have - that includes YOU.


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