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February 03, 2021 1 min read


Today we start our new Self Care Series! With so much going on in the world it’s easy to feel like you’re struggling alone. But the truth is you are not alone! Everyone struggles whether you can see it or not. This series is designed to show how even the most successful people still have to deal with life and find ways to self care. We hope that you will discover something from them that can help you!


Today’s self care tip is from Giovannie Espiritu!


“First thing: Give yourself some grace as a parent and as a kid.

Some of these pressures that we put on ourselves are arbitrary, and mental health is so much more important than a few percentage points for a grade on a piece of paper.


Write a list of simple joys that make you happy:


Taking a walk.


Dancing like an idiot to your favorite song.


A warm cup of coffee (or tea).


Cooking your favorite dish.


Guilty pleasure TV.


Have a pandemic pod.


Some families I know of are super strict with their pandemic pods and understand people's comfort levels with mixing families - like they will only have play dates with this one family and vice versa.


Some of my students do well with routines, and some are better with free flow activities... it just depends on what serves the kiddo better.”


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