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February 24, 2021 1 min read


Today’s self care tip is from Cara Mitsuko!


I think I can get caught up a lot in all the harmful things I do/think about myself. The past year instead of trying to cease bad habits and thought patterns, I've tried to practice adding one good thing. I'm a firm believer in not being able to replace something with nothing. For example, I struggle a lot with body image, and most days I look in the mirror and feel very down on myself. Instead of telling myself "stop that!" I try to say one good thing. So yes, maybe today I hate my acne scars, but I can also say "wow, my body is really incredible in the way it tells me what it needs. These scars are proof of how it tries to communicate with me.


#selfcare #amazingasiansinthearts #youarenotalone


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