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December 25, 2021 2 min read


Jinna Kim is an actress based in Charlotte, N.C – but that wasn’t her initial start in the Arts! Kim began as a classically trained violinist/violist before expanding her horizons to become a performer and studying at the University of Illinois and University of Virginia. Recently, she’s worked on her own short films, including Chinese Girl Wants Vote about suffragist Mabel Lee, which can be found in the Digital Public Library of America, as well as winning two local grants and earning eligibility for Screen Actors Guild membership! In addition to all of this, Kim developed mascot experience as - you guessed it - a dancing unicorn! Her advice to young artists is to stop counting rejections – as someone “rejected thousands of times… [she doesn’t] think about the odds” and welcomes each day as a new opportunity. Read on to learn more about Jinna Kim and what makes her an Amazing Asian in the Arts! 

Name:   Jinna Kim

Heritage:   Korean American

Hometown:   Masan, South Korea

Current City:   Charlotte, N.C.

Current projects:   2022 Arts & Science Council (ASC) Artist Support Grant Recipient & separately Queen City New Play Initiative "Remember When . . ." Playwright Cohort. Planning on attending the World Expo in Dubai with ASC grant in March (travel permitting)!

What are some of your favorite credits/projects: 

My first short film titled Chinese Girl Wants Vote about suffragist Mabel Lee is now part of the Digital Public Library of America!


Any advice for young people getting into the arts? 

I’ve been rejected thousands of times, so I’ve stopped counting. I don’t think about the odds. Every day has new opportunities.

How did you get your start?  

I initially trained in classical music playing both violin and viola.

Do you have any favorite moments in your career that you'd like to share? 

I became a S.A.G. eligible actress during the pandemic!

What have you found is the biggest challenge in your career? 

The biggest challenge is time.

Do you have any organizations or non profits you work with you’d like to highlight? 

In 2020, Charlotte Is Creative awarded me my first $250 Hug Grant ( I also won a summer scholarship to Germany in 2020, but due to the travel ban, I went to Künstlerstadt Kalbe in 2021. (  Additionally, I am tickled to be part of the Asheville Fringe Fest 2021 & 2022! (

Do you have any other “special skills?”

I always wanted mascot experience, so I finally got to be a dancing unicorn in 2021! I love dancing and costumes! 

Where did you study at? 

The University of Illinois for my BA, and the University of Virginia for my MBA! 


To find out more about Jinna , please visit her at: 


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